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Building a Civic Hacking Community

Get exclusive access to three inspiring videos from the Civic Hacker Summit. These videos feature important lessons about creating civic hacking communities from expert practitioners and leaders.

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These featured interviews from the Civic Hacker Summit include important lessons on:

1. Creating a civic hacking community no matter where you live

2. Why these communities matter in the world of civic tech

3. The impact of civic tech on creators and their counterparts in civil society  

Civic Hacking Where You Live

  Learn how this community leader took a small group of citizens, most without technology backgrounds, and created a team of civic hackers to put tech to work for the benefit of their city.  

Hacking for Justice

  Local programmers are making amazing impact in the social justice space using simple technologies in Tulsa, OK  

Codeando Guadalajara

This civic tech group in Mexico creates opportunities for citizens interested in open government, civic technology and open data to work together. They seek to solve problems in their community through technological development.

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